Thursday, April 16, 2009

Test your internet speed for free - Online

Did this web page loads slowly for you ? Did you get low Download speed as promised by your ISP previously ? You might have internet speed problem. Here are the tips, where you can check your Internet Speed for free online.

Speak Easy - You can chose lots of locations to check on your internet speed. Does Upload and Download speed measure.

Speed Test - This is my favorite speed test website, it looks good, fast check on upload and download speed and lets you save your speed test.

Bandwidth Speed Test - Does only what it says.

Well I hope many of you are not going to be disappointed in speed tests you get, and if you do , call up your ISP provider and just make sure you are getting 80% of speed that they promised.

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vaishu said...

This is the site which also helps to find the internet connection speed.I tested my internet connections speed using this only.