Saturday, April 04, 2009

Orange to provide TV channels on iphone

Over the Channel, Orange iPhone users will have access to 60 TV channels, live, in high definition quality, over the 3G network.

This is in relation to orange losing its exclusive rights over iphone contracts in france. From April 7th, SFR and Bouygues will be offering contracts for iphone in france as well. In order to add an added advantage, orange launches yet another scheme to attract users.

The application itself will be free from Apple’s store, whilst several of Orange’s tariffs will incorporate unrestricted access to the service itself. For those without the relevant tariff, an add-on can be purchased for 9 euros per month.

Navigating the channels takes full advantage of the iPhone’s interface. They can be browsed in a Coverflow fashion, and double tapping the screen will bring you out of the full screen view to access details of the programme, or alternative options.

NOTE: This is one more tricks by orange to take some money out of your pocket. If you have not upgraded your scheme to watch unlimited TV then don't even bother downloading the app. Its just a waste of money.

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