Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BonnesMinutes - Make cheap calls to India from France

Yet another cheap call option from BonnesMinutes. Enables you to make cheap calls from landlines in france through an access number. They have promotional offer for calls to india presently. The rate you would be charged is local tarif. This differs from provider to provider (for eg, free, france telecom, neuf etc). I tried using free, but the number is not yet accessible through free. But generlly looking at the tarif for 0811 numbers, free charges 0.078eur for connection fee (one time), and 0.014eur/min (7pm to 8am) and 0.028eur/min(8am to 7pm).

Simply follow 2 simple steps to make your calls

1. Dial 0811 318 318 from your landline.
2. Dial the landline or mobile number in India and you are done.

All you need is a landline

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Make easy and low cost international calls

I had been on the look out for some cheap options to make international calls to India, and bingo, recently I got hold of this site http://www.fizzcall.com. from some of my friends. Its a revolutionary Voip calling site, where calls are charged per connection and not per minute.

To mention some details about it.
  • The charge per call is 0.25 cents and the calls last for 1 hour. This is the cheapest in the market for the moment.
  • The call rate is the same irrespective of the phones used (mobile, landline etc)
  • Internet is needed only to initiate the call
  • Can dial calls directly from mobiles if you have data access facilities
  • Calls can be placed between any two countries (just verify if your country is not listed in the unsupported numbers list)
This site has been discontinued as it was using BT to provide calls at such cheap rates. BT had to shut down its web21c SDK in order to cut down losses as it was going on an unsustainable business model.