Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sync up your life - Dmailer

I stumbled across this when I was looking for a new development project. Dmailer is a software which comes preinstalled on all the Western digital hard drives, Sandisk drives. Of course its a trial version for 30 days, after which you need to buy it. Its an useful utility to back up your harddisk and sync you computer data on to your harddisk.

With Dmailer Sync software you can synchronize & save all your personal data such as your files, photos, music, emails, contacts, calendars, Favorites/Bookmarks and even your desktop background, to your potable storage device (USB key, external hard disk drive, SIM card, mp3 player…). Tried it recently and its quite good, offers an email client which you can set up and be updated on any PC.

Apart from dmailer, I came across a set of relating interesting technologies. Portable applications which will work from your USB key! To be more precise, this technology allows you to install an application on to your mobile HD. Now this HD acts as your personal computer, which can be plugged into any other computer. The data you browse or create using these applications, will be stored on your mobile HD rather than the computer you are browsing on. Cool stuff... You just dont need to install any software on to the PC which you would be using. Some companies which deal with such technologies are listed below

These sites offer software packages that you could just install on your mobile harddisk or a usb key. The package comes with a preinstalled set of application, of course offering addon capability.Try it out when time permits, its free.

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