Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Well if you are looking for sites where you can watch free movies, free TV serials, bollywood stuff etc., then heres the site for you, a collection of all the movie screening and video sharing sites that you would ever find over the internet.

I watched a couple of movies through this site till now. Believe me, the movie you want you will find it. The interesting part of this site is the search functionality. You could just type the name of the movie or TV series that you wish to find, and it lists all the search results from relevant movie/video sharing sites. I never thought that internet would have so many online sites sharing movies for no cost.

If you have a decent broadband connection, then this site would be of interest to all the movie lovers out there.

Some of the sites listed in this I found interesting were

Movie Lab TV

DivX movies

Good site to check out!!!

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