Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Watch non-stop videos with inifinitube

Here's an addition to youtubes' videos. claims to play videos non-stop. All you have to do is to enter a search string. Infinitube searches for relevant youtube videos on youtube and creates a playlist which is played nonstop. The buffering is quite fast when compared to youtube.

Amazingly, infinitube doesn’t just let you play videos non-stop. It also lets you watch videos full-screen if your heart so desires it. If you want to visit the video on the original YouTube page, there’s a page for you to go to. Infinitube even supplies a link for you to download the video in .flv format, so if you have the correct codecs in your computer, you can watch your favorite videos offline too.

To sum it up, to use infinitube, all you have to do is to:

  • Enter whatever search term you like into the searxh bar on top
  • A list of videos related to the search term will come up.
  • You can either choose to play the first video that comes up or check the playlist for something you like
  • infinitube will go through the automatically generated playlist non-stop
  • links are provided at the end of the playlist, so you can either visit the original link or download the video in .flv format.
  • if you’re too lazy to search for your own keywords, the column at the righ lists some of the recent searches, or you can even seacrh infinitube for random playlists.
Infinitube has become one of my favorites and a convenient tool to watch videos with just a search string

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