Saturday, January 24, 2009

Long Term Evolution (LTE)

Today I came across the term LTE viz Long Term Evolution. It is the technology into which the 3GPP and WCDMA networks will evolve. In other words, it can be called the 4th Generation network. I remember the times at University where I produced a report on the study of mobile technologies. The report contained technology till the convergence of the 3G and CDMA networks to WCDMA networks. Technology advances so fast that we are already thinking of 4G.

LTE has a new kind of access scheme, a new modulation technique OHFDM (Orthognal Frequency Division Multiplexing) and an antenna technology called MIME (Multiple Input Multiple Output) which should enable 10 times as many users per cell as 3GPP’s original W CDMA radio access technology. It also enhances the use of Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (ULTRA), which would increase the spectral efficiency by 4 times comared to ULTRA.

Would be quite interesting to work on emerging technologies like these, to be a part of it.

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