Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cheapest Nokia phone

So nokia has done it again. It has released nokia 1280 which is the cheapest nokia phone till date. The looks seem pretty good, and simple. Being priced at 20 euros, its 5 euros less than 1202, which was released in India last year. It seems that the hope of having a 5€ phone is not far away.

This phone is especially designed for masses in remote and rural areas. In such cases phone sharing seems to be a common idea. Hence nokia has developed it with the possiblity to have 5 separate phone books.. hmm good thinking. And if one really buys the phone for sharing purposes, the cost per head comes to 4€ :)

Anywayz, Highly dust resistant and scratch resistant with a robust keyboard, the 1280 has been designed with longevity in mind. The same can be said on the battery life front, with up to 22 days of standby time and 8.5 hours of talk time – invaluable in communities where gaining access to electricity can often mean traveling to the nearest town many miles away.

Other key features include a torch, again a significantly valuable tool in areas without electricity, speaking clock with alarm, hands-free calling and FM radio support. Style hasn’t been left out of the equation though, as the 1280 features changeable colour covers and loud MP3 grade ringtones.

It will launch in certain markets with Nokia Life Tools pre-loaded.

The Nokia 1280 is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2010 for 20 Euros.

Way to go.. look out!

Note: One special mention about this phone's chip.. !! One of my friends was involved in the development of the chip.

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